Drzewo Genealogiczne Rodziny Wajszczuków
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Cemetery in Siedlce

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Great-grandson Adam at the grave of Piotr and Maria, and the symbolic grave of their son - Fr. Karol (who died in Dachau).

Adam at the grave of his grandfather.
Tadeusz and his wife Janina.

The tomb of Edmund,
wife Maria and her family.

Tombstone of Piotr 1858-1940 and wife Maria (0059) 1866-1949

Tombstone of Tadeusz 1885-1972
and Janina (0060) 1889-1979

Tombstone of Edmund
, Maria (0075) 1896-1967 and their daughter Maria (0076) Leszczyłowska


Symbolic plaque for Fr. Karol (0074)

Grave of Lucjusz 1895-1978
wife Wanda 1914-2001
and her parents 
Albert 1888-1944
and Aniela Herman 1889-1966

Grave of Maria 1898-1975
and Zygmunt Klimczyk 1896-1918

Symbolic plaque for
Zbigniew Ireneusz (0062)

Tombstone of Lucjusz and Wanda (0086)

Tombstone of Maria Klimczykowa (0095)

In the same cemetery, inscription on a grave for Mateusz (1050) and Marta (1051)
- twins of Artur (0612) and Daniela Wajszczuk  (see ),
who were born prematurely in the seven month of pregnancy
and died very soon after delivery.
("Died on December 9, 1989 - Increased the number of Angels")

Grave of Andrzej Świderski (0081), Dr. Edmund Wajszczuk's (0075) great-grandson

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