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Maria Danuta Leszczyłowska (0076)

Source: http://fototeka.1944.pl – submitted by Jan Leszczyłowski

Statement: (in polish – permisson to use the picture)

Fragment from an e-mail from Jan (0078) Leszczyłowski, dated 5.VIII.2010:

“(...) Indeed, it did not occur to me, that you really do not remember (my) Mother. In fact, she has changed very little - Mother is second from the left. During the Uprisng, she worked in a pharmacy, to be exact – in a dispensary of medications and surgical dressings, she did not have any assignment to a particular detachment or group, but on multiple occasions, she participated in saving the wounded. She was exiting Warsaw with a “Sanitary” column and only (finally) in Pruszkow she met with Mother. Just in Pruszkow, she told Grandmother (0075) that they died.
(...) Unfortunatelly, I am not able to follow closely everything, so I am asking you that we both share all information regarding the family. As you know, since Mother’s death, every year on August 1, I am coming to Pęcice and Powązki and I am meeting those, who were together until the end, and this is very important to me.

Maria Danuta Wajszczuk (Leszczyłowska), or Maria Krystyna Myszkorowska?

On the website of the Museum of Warsaw Uprising (Facebook): http://www.1944.pl/powstancze-biogramy/maria-myszkorowska,32117.html – a picture (fragment) was placed on October 16, 2016, which previuosly, a few years ago, has been submitted to us by Jan Leszczyłowski with an explanation that it represents his mother (second from left) – Danuta Leszczyłowska, nee Wajszczuk (see above).

In the picture (or rather its fragment) published now by the Museum, the depicted persons are decribed: “Exit to captivity after the Warsaw Uprising, Wolska Street, October 5, 1944.”. Text on the reverse: “Ala Sawicka and Krystyna Kozicka (at right)”

Insurgents biograms: Powstańcze biogramy: Halina Tarkowska, married name Sawicka „Ala” http://www.1944.pl/powstancze-biogramy/halina-tarkowska,45692.html; Maria Krystyna Myszkorowska, married name Kozicka http://www.1944.pl/powstancze-biogramy/maria-myszkorowska,32117.html. Picture from the private archive of Maria Kozicka’s son, released by Dział Historyczny MPW (History Department of the Museum of Warsaw Uprising)"

Also, a small fragment of this photograph showimg face of the person on the right appears in the biogram of Maria Myszkorowska.

Identification of these persons requires further checking and confirmation. (October 21, 2016).

November 5, 2016 – Because of new doubts regarding the identification of persons in the picture (“Insurgents exiting Warsaw”), we requested a definite clarification directly from the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising (MPW). MPW confirmed that the person of interest in this picture is Maria Krystyna Kozicka, and it could not be Maria Danuta Leszczyłowska, because of the fact, among others, that the picture shows a column of marching insurgents (and she is not listed in any of their files).

November 8, 2016 – We contacted again the Muzeum asking about the content of file: MPW-IP/1621. Their answer was:

“MPW-IP/1621 is an internal inventory number of this picture in the collection at the MPW, it describes a photograph showing the exit to a POW camp of women-Innsurgents on Wolska street, after October 5, 1944. As we have already mentioned previously, this picture was not presented in the Fototeka collection on the the Museum website and the name Wajszczuk is not present in the description of this picture in our collections. Most likely Mr Jan Leszczylowski used this picture to illutrstrate the topic of “the capitulation of the Uprising”, since he could not get from us a confirmatiom that it shows Maria Danuta Wajszczuk (Leszczyłowska), since such person is not known to us as a participant of the Warsaw Uprising. The permisson from MPW to use this picture for scientific, private, commercial purposes is not synonymous with the identification of people in the picture.

Prepared by: Waldemar J Wajszczuk & Paweł Stefaniuk 2017
e-mail: wwajszczuk@comcast.net