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Film about a “tank-trap” and about “Baśka” (0084)


We were contacted in April of 2010 by Malgorzata Brama, a young film director affiliated with the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, in connection with her project of making a short fabular-documentary film about the tragic explosion of the so-called “tank-trap” during the Warsaw Uprising. The story was told to her by Antoni Dobraczynski, who described the fate of his young cousin – a combat nurse, Barbara Wajszczuk, who was severely injured and subsequently died, as a result of this explosion, during bombing of the insurgent hospital. She requested a copy of Barbara’s picture and the permission to use it.

In the following communication, she informed us that the project is financed by the local Warszawa-Srodmiescie (Central Warsaw) district government and the Museum of Warsaw Uprising (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego) and they are also searching for more sponsors. The premier show is planned for August 13, 2014 - and we are invited. She mentioned a previous interview with Antoni Dobraczynski (which is now being transcribed) and her earlier interview in Paris with his brother, Aleksander Dobraczynski, which has been published on the Museum website – www.1944.pl

Subsequently an announcement appeared on the Museum website, notifying about the public premier projection of the film about the tank-trap, entitled “13 sierpnia 1944” (13 August, 1944) – on August 13, 2010 on Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square in the Old Town) – ADMISSION FREE.



Demolition vehicle/explosives carrier – Schwerer Ladungsträger Borgward B IV (Sd.Kfz. 301)

Remnants of the carrier found on August 13, 1944 at the site of explosion at the Kilinski Street - http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eksplozja_%E2%80%9Eczo%C5%82gu_pu%C5%82apki%E2%80%9D_na_ulicy_Kili%C5%84skiego_w_Warszawie

Photographed again on August 18, 1944

Prepared by: Waldemar J Wajszczuk & Paweł Stefaniuk 2000-2014
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