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Award for poetry of the "City of Badajoz" for Ana Victoria Wajszczuk

Badajoz, Spain, October 25, 2003

Excerpts from an article published in the Spanish newspaper "HOY", city of Badajoz edition, dated Saturday, October 25, 2003.

Argentinian writer and journalist Ana Victoria Wajszczuk won the XXII "City of Badajoz"
award in the category of Poetry for her poem "El libro de los polacos" (A book of the Poles), ...
The winner of this award is of Polish descent and currently resides in Costa Rica. ...
(The poem is based on the history and experiences of her family during WWII) - WJW.

One hundred eighty nine entries were submitted in the category of Poetry and 25 were selected for the competition.

Congratulations, Ana! And we wish you many more successes!

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Prepared by: Waldemar J Wajszczuk & Paweł Stefaniuk 2006
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