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Letter from Chicago from Krystyna (0632) Mitura-Ramirez

Chicago, April 06, 2005

"He was a great man and I thought he was almost the same as Jesus”. Oto fragment słów wypowiedzianych przez moja córkę Krystynę w wywiadzie o Papieżu i zarejestrowanych na ekranie TV.

Dear cousins,

On Sunday, April 3 an interview was conducted in our church ("Five Holy Martyrs" - in Chicago) about the Pope. The Pope celebrated a Holy Mass in this church 25 years ago. My older daughter Krystyna Esperanza was shown on TV in the national news program at 5:30 PM. She stated that the Pope was (to her) almost like the God himself. The reporters must have liked it - the competition was enormous. She was given five seconds (in the program) - she was chosen because of what and how she said it. Perhaps you saw her on the TV screen? I am very proud that my child was a miniscule part in the event, which put the whole WORLD to its knees. We are also inconsolable after the death of the Pope and there is no end to the words of admiration and appreciation for Him. He is considered here to be a SAINT. I wish you good health and hope to hear from you. Greetings,

Krystyna and family

Krystyna (1156) and Anna (1157) in front of the Five Holy Martyrs parish church

Krystyna Esperanza (1156) during the live TV interview


Holy Father's statue at the church entrance commemorates His visit to the USA


Chicago - Live TV transmission from Poland

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