Family graves in Siedlce and Lublin -
of the Siedlce branch of Piotr (059) from Trzebieszow
and his sons, daughter and their families


While in Siedlce, we also visited the Family graves at the local Cemetery...

Great-grandson Adam at the grave of Piotr and Maria, and the symbolic grave of their son - Fr. Karol (who died in Dachau).Adam at the grave of his grandfather Tadeusz and his wife Janina.The tomb of Edmund,
Maria and her family.

Tombstone of Piotr 1858-1940 and wife Maria (0059) 1866-1949

Tombstone of Tadeusz 1885-1972
and Janina (0060) 1889-1979

Tombstone of Edmund
1889-1943, Maria (0075) 1896-1967 and their daughter Maria (0076) Leszczyłowska

Symbolic plaque for Fr. Karol (0074)

Symbolic plaque for Zbigniew (0062)

Grave of Andrzej Świderski (0081), Dr. Edmund Wajszczuk's (0075) great-grandson
Grave of Lucjusz, wife Wanda and her parentsGrave of Maria and Zygmunt KlimczykLublin - grave of 
Zenobiusz and Bronislawa